To assist us in creating the website that you want, please take a moment to answer as many of the questions as possible. Your answers will provide us with a good understanding of how to approach the design of your website.
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If you will be using existing content will you add more content?
Describe the nature of your business.
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Describe your target audience (i.e. average age, special interests, income level, education level). Do they have any special needs?
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Goals, Purpose, Concept, Focus, Direction, Strategy, and Message
What is the core purpose of your Web Site? Check all those that apply.
What is the primary message you wish to convey?
Do you have any specific design elements in mind?
What kind of interactivity will your site need?

Style, Design Message, Theme
What image do you want your site to project, what should be "the look and feel"?
Please list some examples of sites that you like:
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Logo and Corporate Identity
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Do you already have image/graphic content for you web site?
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Are you going to be accepting Credit Cards/ Debit Cards/ Net Banking / Paypal?
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How many products and/or services do you plan to sell?

Would you be interested in having us do updates and maintenance to your web site?
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Would you be interested in assistance from Creative Saints to promote your site and/or register you with search engines?
What is your number one business problem? How could a new web site assist you in solving this problem?

Please save the completed document and upload/mail to us for review. Highlight questions where you need furtherclarification or explanation. As much detail as possible is preferred, but anything you can provide initially will help guide us indefining the initial direction for your logo/identity.