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 About Us
  D.D. Marine Exports Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted and leading name in Meat Food Processing Industry and Processed Meat Food Export Industry. It is one among the leading giants in Meat Food Processing Industry with past experience of successfully launching and carrying on processing of Buffalo Meat . It has processed meat food for Export Houses/Industries, the processed meat is packed and is exported by various Export House/Industries like Allana group of Export House, Alkabir Exports, Alquersh Exports to name a few.
  The Company through dedicated and extended research and development, has skilled itself to understand the psyche and needs of importers/ consumers in-depth. The company imbibes to maintain international quality standards, which has been, the primary rationale for their success in the international markets. 'Customer Satisfaction' is a stringent policy followed by the Company. The adherence to this policy, has brought to the company, repeated orders and loyal customers - globally.

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