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Established in 2003, ROHA Infrastructure Developers is a privately held premiere real development company, headquartered in Mumbai, India. The company grew out of ROHA Dyechem – a manufacturer of Natural & Synthetic colours, specializing in the Food & Beverage, Paints, Fertilizers, Cosmetics and Pharmaceutical industries.
Brand ADI
A prolonged fruitful stint in the film industry with an established star image, Ajay Devgan has in turn garnered a brand value. He has been an ambassador to various products and causes and realized that a capacity which has been created over the years can be leveraged to a business which is of interest to him and be of growth and learning at the same time. Ajay has been dabbling with the idea of diversification beyond the film industry and real estate came as an obvious choice as he has himself studied the sector every time that he considered investment.
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